Development Social Welfare Services

Director: Ms. H. Mouton
Tel: +264 – 61- 203 2602
Fax: +264 – 61 - 223573
Cellphone: 0811487335


Social development aims at equalizing opportunities for all people to participate in economic, social, cultural and political life in order to produce their well-being and to contribute to the development of the nation.


  • Render technical social work services.
  • Provide social assistance to disadvantaged and underprivileged population groups.
  • Provide management support in social planning and development.

The Directorate Social Welfare Services renders professional social services to persons older than 18 years.
The Directorate comprises of one Division, namely Developmental Social Welfare Services.

Division:  Developmental Social Welfare Services
Deputy Director:
Ms. J. E. van Rhyn
Tel: +264 61 – 203 2604

SUBDIVISION: Family Welfare

Acting Programme Managers:
Mrs. B. du Plessis and Mrs. S. Coetzee
Tel:+264 61 - 203 2611 and 203 2613

  1. To develop, improve and provide sustainable services to older people (people older than 60 years) in    order to promote active aging.(Include services such as sub-economic housing, counselling, IEC, training, regional boards, etc)

  2. To promote for the strengthening of family values and morals to prevent and reduce social problems      within the family.

Subdivision: Substance Abuse Prevention, Drug Control and Rehabilitation (including ERRC)

Programme Manager:
Ms. R. A. Adams
Tel: +264 61 - 203 2619

SECTION: Etegameno Rehabilitation and Resource Centre (ERRC)

Manager: Ms. V. Z. Z. du Preez: 061 – 250404/269368

  1. The provision of promotive and preventative services, such as mass media campaign, Coalition     Responsible Drinking.

  2. Development of the national Policy on alcohol.

  3. Etegameno Resource and Rehabilitation Centre (ERRC) is responsible for the treatment and      rehabilitation of alcohol and drug dependent individuals and their families.


SUBDIVISION: Specialised Social Welfare Services

Programme Manager: Mrs. S.N. M. Jacobs - 061 203 2069

  1. Services such as registration of welfare organisations, residential care facilities for older people (old      age homes), alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres, training, etc.

  2. This subdivision is also responsible for the development of legislation of the Directorate.


SUBDIVISION: Social Welfare Information Services

Programme Manager: Ms. H. U. L. Mouton: 061 - 203 2623

  1. The development and maintaining of a database on social welfare information in the Ministry, as well      as the rest of the social welfare sector.


SUBDIVISION: Human Security Promotion and Prevention of Social Problems

Program Manager: Mrs. P. W. Ames - 061 203 2095

  1. Advocate for the inclusion of poverty dimension and HIV and AIDS in sectoral programmes and      initiatives at various forums.

  2. Address poverty through community development and support the National Poverty Reduction      Action Programs.

  3. Strengthen service delivery capacity through staff development, sub profession, student practical      work and the promotion of the profession of Social Work.


 Regional and District Social Welfare Services:

The following services are rendered by the District Social Welfare Offices:

Social Workers:

  1. Counseling for any person above the age of 18 years with regard to pre-marital counselling, marital ,      marriage enrichment, alcohol- and drug abuse, prostitution, older people  (neglect and   abuse,  applications for sub-economic housing units and old age homes, active aging), property    grabbing and   other estate disputes, reintegration of released prisoners into society, bereavement   counseling, stress management, trauma counseling, and pre-trail assessments and pre-sentence  reports for  adults.

  2. Group work, such as effective parenting skills groups, aftercare groups (alcohol- and drug abuse),domestic violence,

  3. Empowerment of communities by means of community projects.