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Director of Water Resource Management

Mrs. Maria. Amakali
Tel:+264 61 208 7159

Deputy Director of Geohydrology (Groundwater)

Mr. Bertram Swartz
Tel:+264 61 208 7089

Deputy Director of Hydrology (Surface Water)

Ms. Paulina Mufeti
Tel: +264 61 208 7191

Deputy Director of Policy and Water Law Administration

Mr Franciskus Witbooi
Tel: +264 61 208 7226

Deputy Director of Water Environment

Ms Cynthia Ortmann
Tel: +264 61 208 7169

Deputy Director of Water Basin Management

Ndinomwaameni Nashipili
Tel: +264 61 208 7154


Ensuring sustainable development, management and optimal utilization of water resources.

Strategic Objectives

  • Implementation of the national water policy and legislation for the management of the water resources.
  • Co-ordination, management and monitoring of developments in the water sector.
  • Development of regulations, procedures and practices to control the equitable allocation of water, the abstraction of water, water quality and other regulatory functions.
  • Ensuring equitable and reasonable access to the water from the shared perennial border rivers.
  • Issuance of various permits (abstraction, effluent disposal, drilling of boreholes and building of dams) and do compliance monitoring inspections to ensure that permit conditions are adhere to.

Division Policy and Water Law Administration

  • Sub-Division Water Law Enforcement
  • Sub-Division Permit Administration
  • Sub-Division Water Resources Accounts and Policy Development
  • Sub-Division GIS and Water Information Management System

Division Water Environment

  • Sub-Division Water Quality Control and Investigations
  • Sub-Division Pollution Control and Investigations
  • Sub-Division Water Ecology and Research
  • Sub-Division Laboratory Services

Division Geohydrology (Groundwater)

  • Sub-Division Groundwater Management
  • Sub-Division GroundWater Investigations
  • Sub-Division Maintenance Support

Division Hydrology (Surface Water)

  • Sub-Division Surface Water Resource Management
  • Sub-Division Hydrological Investigations and Flood Management
  • Sub-Division Hydrological Information Systems
  • Sub-Division Hydrological Network and Data Collection

Division Water Basin Management

  • Sub-Division International Waters
  • Sub-Division Water Basin Management

Mandated to Promote, Develop, Manage and utilize Agriculture, Water and Land Resources sustainably

  • MAWLR Head Office, Government Office Park, Luther Street
  • Private Bag 13184, Windhoek, Namibia
  • +264-61-208 7111
  • Lands Reform and Resettlement, Robert Mugabe Avenue No.55
  • Private Bag 13343, Windhoek, Namibia
  • +264-61-296 5371